Pickup for Return

Seamless & Cost-Effective Logistics for Returns

Effortless Product Returns: Doorstep Pickup for Bulky Items

Our Pickup for Return service simplifies the process of sending back items, providing a hassle-free solution for returning heavy and bulky goods. We specialize in picking up items from your doorstep and ensuring they reach the local store for returns or drop-off locations like UPS, FedEx, and USPS for online returns. 


With a strong focus on affordability, our service employs a route-based neighborhood pickup model, significantly lowering transportation costs and passing on the savings to you. For urgent return needs, our express pickup service ensures a swift and reliable return process. When it comes to handling returns, Circular Austin takes the hassle out of the equation, providing a convenient, low-cost, and fast-track solution for the return of large, bulky, and heavy items.


Why choose Circular Austin for product returns

Join us on this journey towards sustainability, and together, let’s keep Austin clean, green, and thriving, as a city that proudly embraces environmentally friendly practices.


Whether you need to quickly send back an item purchased online or return a large and heavy purchase back to a local store, our Express Pickup service ensures the same or next-day pickup and return of your purchased items. 

Say goodbye to the complexities of arranging returns logistics. Our service streamlines the process by collecting items from your location and handling the delivery to the appropriate return destination.
Our logistics services are designed to be cost-effective, thanks to our efficient route-based neighborhood collection model. This allows you to avoid the expenses and hassle of arranging returns logistics on your own.

Items we pick up for returns

We pick up a wide range of items for returns, including:


TV, Desktop Computer, Home Theater, Stereo System, Gaming Console, Laptop, Projector


Couch, Bed, Recliner, Dining Table, Dresser, Wardrobe, Chairs, Bookshelves.

Large Appliances

Fridge, Washing Machine, Dryer, Dishwasher, Oven, Microwave, Vacuum Cleaner

Group 9
Small Appliances

Coffee Maker, Toaster, Blender, Food Processor, Iron, Kettle, Hair Dryer.

Outdoor Equipment

Lawn mower, Garden tools, Patio furniture, Outdoor grill, Potted plants, Fire pit.

Sports Equipment

Bicycles, Exercise Equipment, Treadmill, Basketball Stand, Trampoline, Table Tennis.

Musical Instruments

Guitar, Piano, Electronic, Drum Set, Synthesizer, Other Instruments

Other Home Goods

Home Décor, Garden Furniture, Lamps, Carpets, Rugs and Other Home Goods

Free Service: Plastic Film Collection
As part of our commitment to reducing plastic waste, we’re offering a complementary doorstep collection of plastic film when you book any of our paid pickup services. Simply collect all types of plastic film using a clear recycling bag and leave it at your doorstep on your scheduled pickup date. We accept and recycle grocery bags, bubble and shrink wrap, cling film, produce bags, plastic envelopes, and more.

How it works

Request a Pickup

Initiate the returns process by clicking “Request a Pickup”, providing item details, and selecting your preferred pickup option.

Approve a Quote

Receive a quote, review and approve it, and complete the payment to confirm your pickup request.

We'll Pick Up & Return

On the agreed pickup date, we’ll collect the item from your location and ensure it’s returned to the designated store or drop-off location.

Let Us Help You Return Your Bulky Items

Experience hassle-free returns. We offer a streamlined product return experience, allowing you to effortlessly send back heavy and bulky items while making a positive contribution to sustainability.