Free Drop-Off

Free & Eco-Friendly Disposal of Your Bulky Items.

Drop off your items for free!

At Circular Austin, we’re committed to helping you declutter your home in an eco-friendly way with our Free Drop-off Service. We gladly accept furniture that’s still in good shape (with only minor wear and tear), electronics (in working order), and rugs that maintain good condition. We don’t accept mattresses at our drop-off location. Since our storage space is limited, we focus on items that can be reused rather than recycled, aligning with our mission to promote sustainability.


To ensure a smooth process, all drop-offs must be pre-confirmed. We carefully review each item to make sure it meets our standards and those of our local partners. Please note that we reserve the right to decline items that do not match the condition described or shown in the provided photos.


With our service, you’re not just clearing space in your home; you’re actively participating in a circular economy that benefits our community and the environment.

Items We Accept

While we’re eager to accept all items, our capacity is determined by the specific criteria of our local partners. 


Looking to offload your old furniture? Our drop-off service makes it easy for you to dispose of your gently used furniture responsibly. Whether it’s couches, sectionals, recliners, or chairs, simply request a drop-off and bring them to our drop-off location.


Are you thinking of replacing your old rugs or simply decluttering your home? Our free drop-off service is here to help. We accept rugs in good condition, ensuring that they are given a new life. 


Dispose of your old electronics responsibly with our free drop-off service. Whether you have a functioning TV (flat screen), stereo system, computer, or monitor, just request a drop-off and bring them to our specialized location. 

How it works

Submit Your Request

Submit your drop-off request on this page. Be sure to provide detailed information and attach clear photos of the items you wish to drop off.

Receive Confirmation

Our team will review your request, confirm if we can accept your items, and provide you with detailed instructions on when, where, and how to drop off your items.

Bring Your Items

Bring your approved items to the designated drop-off location. Our team will ensure these items find new homes or are properly reused or recycled.

Our 3 Simple Rules

We have just a few key rules – only three, but they are important.

Request in Advance

Our drop-off service has limited capacity, so it’s essential to request a drop-off in advance and receive a confirmation from our team. 

Accuracy Matters

Please provide detailed and accurate information and clear photos of your items when requesting a drop-off on Circular Austin. 

No Unconfirmed Drop-offs

We will refuse items not previously confirmed for drop-off. To avoid rejection, please receive confirmation before bringing in your items.

dispose of your items sustainably

Committed to minimizing waste and fostering sustainability and the circular economy within our community, we invite you to dispose of your furniture, rugs, or electronics sustainably. For this, simply request our drop-off service by clicking the button below.