Doorstep Pickups

Affordable & Convenient Residential Pickups

Affordable & Sustainable Pickup Service

Our doorstep service collects a variety of bulky items such as furniture, mattresses, rugs, and electronics. Beyond simplifying decluttering your living and storage spaces, this service helps to reduce landfill waste and preserve precious resources.


We pick up your unwanted items and transport them to our Circular Hub. There, we offer repairable items to local repair shops. Items beyond repair are responsibly recycled through our network of local recycling partners. We offer items in good condition to our partner resellers, reuse organizations, and local charities.


Our services start at just $49 per single-item pickup. 

Items We Accept

We offer a doorstep collection service for a diverse range of household goods 


Dispose of your old furniture conveniently with our pickup service. From couches and recliners to dressers and wardrobes, we offer responsible disposal for large furniture items. Feel free to request a helper in advance, particularly for heavy items.

Group 21

Discarding old mattresses can be a hassle and detrimental to the environment. With our mattress pickup and recycling service, you can ensure that the valuable components of your old mattress are properly reclaimed and given a new life. 


Are you thinking of replacing your old rugs or simply decluttering your home? Our doorstep rug pickup service is here to help. We specialize in collecting rugs of all sizes, ensuring that they are either given a new life or recycled responsibly.

Office Furniture

We handle the transportation of office furniture and electronics for reuse and recycling, ensuring your outdated technology and furnishings are responsibly disposed of, making space for upgrades.


From small devices like computers and laptops to larger items like TVs and stereo systems, we make responsible disposal simple. When these electronics reach the end of their life, request a pickup, and we’ll ensure they’re properly recycled.

Home Appliances

Looking to upgrade your appliances and unsure what to do with your old fridge, washing machine, or dryer? Request our eco-friendly pickup service. We’ll collect them right from your doorstep and ensure they’re reused or responsibly recycled.

Why Circular Austin?

We’re dedicated to bringing sustainable and affordable circular economy solutions to your doorsteps. 


Our innovative route-based “circular” pickup model operates like a carpooling system. By batching pickups by time and location and optimizing routes we significantly cut down on transportation expenses and we pass on the savings directly to you. 


Reduce your environmental impact by extending your items’ lifecycle, diverting them from landfills, conserving essential resources, and reducing carbon emissions. Opt for our eco-friendly pickup service to contribute to a cleaner and greener Austin.


Say goodbye to the hassle of arranging logistics for your unwanted items. We provide a convenient and eco-friendly hauling solution, ensuring your items are picked up from your doorstep and distributed to local charities and reuse organizations.  

How it works

Request a Pickup

Click the “Request a Pickup” button, share item details and location, and choose your pickup options. 

Complete Payment

We’ll review your request and send you a confirmation email with easy instructions for you to finalize the payment.

We'll Haul Them Away

We arrive on the agreed date, to pick up your items, ensuring they are reused or properly recycled. 

Together Towards a Greener Future

Circular Austin is about transforming unwanted goods into resources and building a cleaner, greener environment for generations to come.

Together, let’s embrace the circular economy, reduce waste, conserve resources, and create a sustainable future.