Elevate Your Business: Go Circular!

Why partner with us ?

End-of-Use Inventory Solution

Streamline your inventory management by entrusting us with the responsible disposal or repurposing of your items. Whether it's recycling, repair, or donations to local charities, our services help you maintain a sustainable approach to handling your end-of-use inventory.

Door-to-Door Collection Service

Our door-to-door collection service, powered by our innovative "circular" pickup model in conjunction with our Circular Hub, delivers substantial cost savings for your business. We seamlessly collect your products from residents for reuse, recycling, donation, or repair, optimizing the entire operations.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Elevate your customer experience by incorporating residential pickup services directly into your website. Our seamless logistics solutions empower your business to offer convenient pickup services to your customers, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

Offer Pickups to Your Customers
Our innovative technology allows partners to easily integrate our doorstep pickup services into their own websites or custom pages on the Circular Austin platform. Customers can then start the process with a single click of the “Request a Pickup” button. This streamlined solution elevates service quality, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

How Partners Can Integrate Our Pickup Services

Referral System

Guide your customers to the Circular Austin website for their pickup requests. By using your unique Referral Code, they can benefit from the special partner rates or discounts that have been previously arranged.

Customized Webpage

A perfect fit for smaller businesses. Once you establish an account with us, we craft a tailor-made page on the Circular Austin platform for you. This page features a prominent “Request A Pickup” button. For ease of sharing, we’ll provide a dedicated link and QR code for your distribution.

Form on Your Website

For those wanting complete control of user experience, incorporate a “Request a Pickup Form” directly on your website. This allows you to collect essential data and relay pickup orders to us, be it one at a time or in bulk. We can assist you in designing the form. 

Reach Out

If your business aligns with our mission and values, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us using this form and our operations team will get in touch with you to discuss partnership opportunities.

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