About Us

What is Circular Austin?

Circular Austin isn’t just a residential pickup service or logistics platform – it’s a movement towards a sustainable future, right here in Austin. Developed by the pioneering Austin-based startup, “Circular Route”, in partnership with the city’s leading circular economy businesses, we’re setting new standards in sustainable living. 


Our founding team comprises visionaries with a rich history in building global recycling marketplaces, offering innovative recycling pickup solutions, and excelling in technology and logistics.  Together, we’re striving to make Austin a beacon for the circular economy, one pickup at a time.


Circular Austin is the pioneering step in our ambitious journey. As we expand, we aim to introduce our “Circular City” model to other major cities across the country.

Our Mission

“We’re on a mission to bring the circular economy right to your doorstep, ensuring it’s convenient, accessible, and affordable for all.”
Our Vision

At Circular Austin, our vision is to create a greener, more sustainable future for the City of Austin and beyond. We believe that making the circular economy accessible to everyone starts with small actions that can lead to significant positive impacts on the environment.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple yet effective – we partner with local vendors and businesses that share our vision to ensure that your items are handled responsibly and find new life through reuse, donation, recycling, and repair. By choosing Circular Austin, you can trust that your actions contribute to preserving resources, reducing waste, and supporting the local economy.

Our Passion

Driven by our passion for the environment and resource preservation, we strive to make the circular economy convenient, affordable, and accessible for all. We understand the challenges of doorstep collection of household items (particularly large and heavy ones) for recycling, reusing, donating, and repairing, especially in bustling urban areas.

Get In Touch

For any inquiries, questions, or feedback, feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team is here to assist you on your sustainability journey. We are eager to help you schedule pickups, answer your queries, and provide information about our circular services and partnership opportunities.


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