We Pick Up Your Unwanted Furniture

Affordable and convenient furniture pickup and removal service for just $49.

Why use Circular Austin?


Our route-based “circular” pickup model works like a carpool, batching pickups by time and location to reduce transport costs and pass the savings on to you


We divert unwanted furniture from landfills, preserving vital resources and reducing carbon emissions through reuse, donation, recycling, and repairs


Say goodbye to logistics hassles. We offer convenient doorstep pickup and sustainable handling for your unwanted furniture items

Free Pickup Service:
Gently Used Sectionals
Our Mission

We believe in a greener future. Our mission is to recycle or repurpose every furniture item we pick up, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Discarding old furniture can be a hassle and detrimental to the environment. With our furniture pickup service, you can ensure that the valuable components of your old furniture are properly reclaimed and given a new life.

Affordable Furniture Removal Service

At Circular Austin, we make decluttering your living and storage spaces a breeze with our convenient and affordable furniture pickup and removal service. Whether you’re looking to part ways with your old couch, recliner, drawer, or dining table, we’ve got you covered.


We are committed to sustainability and responsible disposal. Therefore, we reserve the right to decline items that cannot be reused, donated, resold, or are too costly to recycle. 


By choosing our doorstep pickup service, you not only simplify your decluttering process but also play a vital role in reducing landfill waste and conserving valuable resources. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment while enjoying a clutter-free living space


Our services start at just $49 per single-item pickup.